Sunday, September 7, 2008

Viviana and Chris - living it to the fullest !

Together with Neil van Niekerk and David Lim as my wingmen we sailed through the day with Viv and Chris ! Their happines and friendly personalities made it an incredibly easy day for us. "The dress will get dirty !" shouted one of the bridesmaids when Viviana was getting out of the house dragging the train behind her "so it will !" replied the bride with laughter. I thought "OMG ! Yes ! She's not afraid to get the dress dirty ! We're about to have so much fun !". I was right, the images included below will show it. Even Dooley the dog must have thought the dress is absolutely getting dirty...

Rocking bridal party put us all in an explosive mood, which was very fitting for how the rest of the day was supposed to shape up !

captured in action through Neil's lens:

...and the image I created at that moment:

Did I mention the bride and groom were willing to play along with almost any idea ? This one wasn't even ours :)

The pace slowed down a bit for the first dance but there's at least a hundred crazy dance images that I could post here to document the dynamics of the party that came afterwards !

Viviana and Chris ! If you are ever willing to do this again (it doesn't have to be your wedding day) you know we are just one phone call away :)


  1. Viv, Chris and DooleySeptember 14, 2008 at 6:11 AM

    OMG!!!!! The pictures are soooooo beautiful! Thank you again, David, Neil & David L. for capturing the laughter, tears, love on our wedding day! You guys are truly talented artists!

  2. I think these pictures look so fabulous ,these photographers did not leave any moment out everything was well captured even when i thought they were not looking at me .Man you guys are great!

    Viv n Chris i had a fun time at your wonderful wedding.