Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Winners never quit, quitters never win !

The road to Patricia and Daniel's wedding seemed easy. It was far but mostly highway driving... what can happen, right ? Oh well... let's start telling the story from the night before. The two of us were photographing different weddings. Both in New Jersey. The plan was to meet afterwards, go half the way to Virginia (where Patricia and Daniel were getting married the next day), stay at a hotel overnight and drive the remaining 2 hours in the morning. Good plan. Except for the part where very unexpected car trouble holds us for more than a few hours in Dealaware (after reaching our hotel). As a result we sleep a lot less than intended. Eventually, after getting help and mobilizing the car again we are on the road. Still on time. Next on our way is the storm of the century. The rainfall is literally so strong that the trafic on highway stops moving. We are starting to wonder what else can happen. In the end we make it to the ceremony the very moment the bride is entering the church. Whoa ! That was close. Through the night, rain and against Murphy's laws we made it and photographed the wedding with double satisfaction. Here's some of our coverage:

Pati and Daniel - as always you were amazing ! Thank You for having us for the afterparty and actually the afterday ! We had much fun !

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